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Project Description

Cameron Coutts

Join Cameron Coutts for Early Bird Yoga at Soul Festival, for a free-flowing start to your weekend at South Beach.

Having taught over 2000 classes over these last 15 years, Cameron has an interesting perspective on Yoga and life. Trained in several disciplines he shares in the joys of Yoga in all its different twists and turns – from his extensive travels, spending time in India to living in ashrams – appreciating the benefits of a solid self practice to gain an understanding what Yoga can deliver through Sadana.

About the practice – Five Elements Yoga is a free flowing meditative practice that is available to ‘every body’, there is the opportunity for all practicioners to go deep or to move easily depending on the mood or personal capabilities. This practice often leaves the yogi feeling a wonderful sense of freedom and calmness post practice. Come join Cameron and experience something a little different.

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