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Mandi J Nelson and Julian Silburn bring Tribal Yoga to Soul Festival! Tribal yoga infuses yoga asana flow with dance moves, embraces Sacred ceremony and Universal law, connecting to an old and ancient energy stream that the indigenous cultures have always been conscious of.

Julian utilises didjeridu, ceremonial drums and a variety of indigenous world instruments to promote healing, joy, movement,the releasing of negative energy and to promote connection to the highest vibration of Earth and Source. Tribal Yoga is connecting movement with breath, the elements, beats, nature and your sacred intention. shifting, flowing and healing your energy stream. Come & explore! Suitable for all levels or practice.

About Mandi J Nelson

The yogic and spiritual pathway is one that appeared for Leonine Mandi as a child, one that she has intermittently returned to throughout her life when ever she felt she had lost her way & needed to reconnect back to her true essence & expression.

“Yoga brings me back to me,
the truth of who I am on every level”.

Through life experience & many forms of study Mandi has cultivated deep interest in spiritual growth & energetic expansion, alternative healing, overcoming trauma, addiction and suffering. She draws from her own life tapestry to offer a diverse, intuitive based Sacred ‘mystyle’ of yoga infused with rich spiritual teaching, intending unification & healing within the ‘self’ initially and then between the self and the external environment.

Mandi teaches yoga & meditation to people of all ages children, teenagers, adults, disabled, the elderly and part of her dharma is to assist people to transition as well as working to re-instate honour & respect to the Australian Aboriginals. She utilises sound, smudging, crystals, oils, mantra and meditation in her sessions.

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