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Rachael Kostusik

Explore Butoh Dance via guided imagery from the natural world. Rachael will take you on an exploratory journey of mind, body and soul.

Rachael is a Japanese Primary School Teacher, Japanese Butoh Dance Drama Educator and Arts Consultant from Fremantle. Fascinated by kinaesthetic learning she has incorporated this research into her teaching, guiding young people to learn Maths, English and Japanese through movement.

She is passionate about facilitating the connection of mind and body though the imagination. Using guided imagery as a tool of metamorphosis to transcend reality and let yourself go.

In this Butoh workshop you will experience ‘the Butoh walk’, dance making via improvisation of the natural elements from flowers blooming to seaweed uplifting from the ocean floor. These techniques culminate into a ‘subconscious’ performance and conclude with relaxing mindfulness through ‘non-doing’. Butoh isn’t about what is finished, rather, constant transformation and self reflection. Come with an open mind!

Photo by Stephen Lobo Photography

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