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The Witchy Djypsies

Find the Witchy Djypsies around South Beach at Soul Fest, for some head-noddin’, foot-tappin’ happy music!

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a gathering deep in the forests of Witchcliffe. A gathering of travelling gypsies from lands afar who brought with them a saxophone, a clarinet and a guitar. Together they formed a caravan and began to play sweet melodies for the soothing of souls before realising that they had created magic. 

As their magic grew and matured they began to talk amongst themselves, questioning the worrisome ways of the world and the remedies required for reinvigoration. The caravan now had a mission, a mission to spread the magic of music and to share with the world what they had discovered.

They moved north towards the lands of Perth and unpacked their caravan in the coastal paradise of Fremantle. One day as they were preparing, their magic captivated a wandering local who became spellbound with the sounds of the gypsies and their mission.

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